Sahil Salathia’s train ride with pet Dakku wins the internet…

    It’s one thing to say you love your pet and another thing to show it, and recently actor Sahil Salathia did the latter. The actor is a proud ‘dad’ to his ‘son’, his pet dog Dakku. The two share a very special bond and Sahil really sees his own son in him.

    Recently, the actor had to travel to Delhi and back from Mumbai to meet his parents and he just couldn’t make himself leave Dakku behind at his Mumbai house with his staff, and thus began an adventurous journey for the duo. Sahil shared a video of the ride on his Instagram and it has been winning hearts all over.

    Ask Sahil about this special ride and he says excitedly, “I took a train from Mumbai to Delhi and back as I have a son named Dakku Salathia. He happens to be a pug but I secretly think that he is a human and he doesn’t really admit to that. There are too many similarities between the two of us, so I really think that he is my son.”

    He goes on to share why he decided to take the train as his preferred means of transport. “I took the train because it’s not safe for a pug to fly on an aircraft as they have a very small nose and pretty much no nostrils. So, it wasn’t safe for us to take the flight due to pressure and breathing issues. And I was planning to be in Delhi for almost a month so I just couldn’t leave my son behind.”

    Talking about the adventurous ride, Sahil narrates the whole experience just like any proud father. “We had a wonderful time in the train and Dakku enjoyed it a lot too. My neighbours in the train compartment were coming to my cabin again and again as they wanted to see Dakku.

    There were some kids on the train too in the other coach and they were making special trips to my cabin to play with Dakku while he was just enamoured with what he saw outside the train window. He just couldn’t control his eyeballs and they were constantly moving. He woke up a lot of times at night due to the noises that the train made, and with him I would wake up too. But it was a journey that I would never ever forget and will cherish it for the rest of my life,” he gushes.


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